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Welcome to SEACURITY PRODUCTS' web site.

SEACURITY PRODUCTS, a division of HMDC, was founded in 1996 to patent, produce, and promote a new marine product. Since then we have been introduced to several additional products which we feel are worthy of our promotion.

SEACURITY PRODUCTS goal is to increase the safety and security of boaters, divers, and others who demand the best in quality. Our mission is to offer products which are both durable and reliable, yet affordable; which offer a combination of features and performance generally not available elsewhere. Since our primary orientation is towards aquatic activities, many of these products have been developed, tested, and refined to survive in one of the harshest environments of all, the sea.

Over the months to come, SEACURITY PRODUCTS' web site will begin to showcase a limited selection of new products, as well as services we feel may be valuable to our customers.

Thank you for this visit, and we look forward to "seeing" you again.

Privacy Policy: SEACURITY PRODUCTS does not use "cookies" to gather information or track the movements or interests of our customers. Any information gathered during the order process remains exclusively with us, and is only used internally.

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